I can't speak...

Hey guys, I was going to the airport (SFO) to pick up my aunt and uncle. Well, the thing is I was staring at the planes parked and I SAW AN AIRBUS A380 Lufthansa and a 777-300ER Air New Zealand (Black Livery) I couldn’t stop screaming and I was so happy. I decided to share this with you guys because I am speechless.


And so the war began…

2 awesome aircraft. Lucky you!


LH A380 is really nice! :)
I got the opportunity to take it last summer.

Back in August. Landed at LHR. After going on an awesome Qartar 777-300ER (Amazing livery on it’s own) and then I saw Malaysia airlines A380 and I couldn’t stop staring at the plane.

Not all lucky, didn’t get to be in them xD

The Qatar Airways livery looks beautiful indeed! I love staring at big birds so I’d stare at it as well.

Lucky you! I wish I could ride in one of those.

Air New Zealand All Blacks livery looks nice doesn’t it


Same here I got to fly on the Lufthansa a380 back in 2012.

It looks great indeed!

I do the same thing a lot. People stare at me like i am crazy squishing my face on an airport window staring at what is only a big plane to them.

Honestly, some people just don’t understand other people’s passions.

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Must Be Lufthansa 454!

NZ002, the 777-300.

Lucky guy 😝 The biggest plane I’ve ever seem was a Turkmenistan 757. It is my life goal to see an A380 🛫