I can't see the spirals on 787 engines

Why doesn’t the 787 engines have spirals unlike the 777 ones? They can’t be seen even though the fan blades aren’t spinning.

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Well, it may appear like that due to how fast they’re spinning. you may notice when you spool them up, it looks like the blades are changing directions, but it’s just getting faster.

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No, that’s not what I’m asking. The 787 engines don’t have spirals even when it’s not on. The centre is just pure black.

Yes, they do, thats what I’m trying to explain.

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A while back that happened with another aircraft as well.
I think it was a 747.

Reinstalling the app resolved it. That was the only way to reload some aircraft rendering related files.

Found it!!

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Here is a beautiful shot of the 787 with its engines not running, as you can see there’re no spirals:


Do you mean the center spiral on the cone?

Yeah obviously, are there any other spirals within the turbofan jet engine itself other than the “center spiral”?

In IF the 787 engines don’t have spirals.

By spirals, I thought you where refering to fan blades. Maybe a more in depth description next time so we don’t get confused.


Roger that sir(s).

By the looks of it, you have your graphic settings set to medium. Maybe set it to high. (Or maybe that is already high 😂 I haven’t flown the 787 in a while)

I purposely set it to high in the picture attached above so that there won’t be people saying “Did you select high graphics settings?” but then again people like you are still suggesting it. I understand that you haven’t flown the 787 in a while and I won’t blame you.

What I wanted to get out of this thread is to know the reason why the 787 in IF doesn’t have have spirals (I don’t know how does spirals = fan blades). It turns out the people who engage in my thread either: Misunderstand that this isn’t a support thread/Don’t know the reason why and are just giving redundant answers/Think I’m doing something wrong and criticise me (This is my greatest pet peeve of all time).

The model doesn’t have the “spirals”

That’s the reason why

It’s not that you can’t see them, it’s becuase they aren’t there

And if you want to know why it doesn’t have the spirals, I can’t answer that, you would have to ask someone who created the model or someone like a mod/dev who knows why. It could be an accident 🤷‍♂️

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C’mon folks. It was a legitimate question.

I can ask around but for now it may be a mystery. The 787 is not the oldest but not the newest so it may have been something done at the time. Not all of them have the spiral in real life.


When we did the model we left them out. I used reference pictures from a certain 787 fitted with engines that didn’t had the spirals on the cone.

If you Google around you will see that some operators have them, and others don’t.

I believe it’s optional to have them, as some operators requires them for safety reasons.

Hope this helps.


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