I can't see the replay of the flight

Hi everyone, I wish you are ok!
Actually I’m having problems with the replays of my flights. The situation is that, when I finish the flight and I go to see the replay, when it start, I recive a message that say: Discontinuity detected, app was desactivated or disconnected for X seconds.
Starting from this, I have two problems.
Firts of all, that I didn’t disconnect the App in any moment.
Secondly, this problem happened to me in the last 4 flights of the week.
Thanks for your attention.
Take care.

Device: iPad Pro 11
Operating system device: 15.6.1

This is a known issue with replays - its being investigated.

Have a good rest of your day!

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Hi Ben,
Thanks for your help. Now I’m more relaxed. I wish you a good day and nice flights.
Take care.
Pablo - Antequera Airlanes

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