I can't see terrain on ifatc.org

![Screenshot_2021-12-17-18-11-39-42_40deb401b9ffe8e1df2f1cc5ba480b12|276x600](upload://fqf48nclcdNiSJc9xf7Q2olHXn2.jpeg) Hey team can I know about ifatc.org because I can't too see terrain please help. Thank you
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Hiya Harsh! It appears that your screenshot isn’t working, are you able to make edits to it so I can review the issue? Cheers man!

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The picture still doesn’t load lol. But I’m happy it’s solved! :)

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A few options:

  • Restart your device
  • Delete some other open browsers
  • Delete things taking up storage on your device
  • Exit Apps (if on apple swipe up and swipe the apps, if on Android I think there’s a similar method).

Hope this helps!

I think I heard once that not all airports have terrain maps. I assume that airport on the map was KBJC which doesn’t have a terrain map by the looks.

Idk but when I’m flying there MSA 15k at 30nm
But it’s works fine thank you so much

You’re correct, not all airports have terrain. An approach plate would be my first choice to see where the terrain is.



As said above, KBJC doesn’t have terrain - I’ll add it to the list of ones to add though :)


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Thanks but now it’s visible