I cant see other aircraft in live

Hey there,
All I see is the white boxes, I havent seen a single other aircraft since the release of the update.
Does somebody have the same issue or has resolved it yet?

Device is a Huawei P10, latest android version, global update. My settings are as I have had them before, high aircraft count and everything maxed out, just no anti aliasing. Power save mode is disabled for long haul flights.

I hope I get a solution.

@Overspeed You might be too far for the aircraft to render. If you are at an airport and you see a white box but not an airplane then there might be a problem.

Have you pressed download on all the aircraft? It was found out that IF would only display aircraft you downloaded a few days ago. Try putting airplane count to high or go to less busy airports to see if it’s just too many aircraft with too little processing power.

I have yet to download all - thanks for the suggestion I will try it

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Dose this happen whilst you are relitevley close to other Aircraft, if you can’t see them at a far distance that is normal.

Nah it happens always basically, doesnt matter if the aircraft is parked next to me or a mile away

Turn your Aircraft Count to Very High. Also download all the planes as others said :).

Hmm I have no clue then, Good Luck;)

Download the planes and you will be able to see them.

Errr, I don’t think that’s the case.