I can't see message next to anyones name?

Hey I’ve created a account to find a atc controller about a violation on my account that happened because of someone else in the house hold on my account! But can’t see message next to there name I have followed the steps too ? !

Firstly welcome to IFC, you need to get to TL 1 to PM someone.

I am happy to help you to PM that controller.

Hi Christian,

This is due to the way Trust Levels work in the community.

Fortunately Infinite Flight have a group of people who can view your violation and work out a solution on what to do. Check out the Appeals group here.

Yes please, I just want the violation gone it’s my first ever level 3 and although my younger brother is okay, he knows to stay to the training severs but not this time! I appreciate the help.

Alright done.

See PM