I can't see any of the updated 20.2 fog... :(

Hi guys,

Any ideas on how to catch these beautiful fogs seen below?

That was just posted yesterday I think? And someone said there you gotta have graphics settings on High so I set all of mine on High.

Then just hours ago I checked windy.com for the foggiest place on the planet and it was in Zurich LSZH. So I took a 737-800 from LOWI and made a speed dash there. Saw the promised vapours in the distance but when I arrived 30 mins later…

…none :( :( :(

So sad… but any help would be appreciated, thanks!

P.S: I’m typing thru a potato phone and it won’t show the menu to hide spoilers for the images, I can’t remember how to do it manually, so sorry.

Go into solo and change the visibility.


Thought crossed my mind but no way, wanna experience the live ones. It’ll be a blast when we just come across cool things our way wont it? :)

The live ones require you to get close enough to an airport with a poor visibility METAR and still get high enough to get shots like above. It’s tricky.


Honestly, you’re better off just waiting. That moment when you get it is really spectacular. I wasn’t expecting it, and it was so beautiful. I think if I’d been expecting it, it wouldn’t have been as wonderful.
I can say though that VIDP often get’s low visibility.


Aha! The METARs! Will try looking into that today, thanks @schyllberg! This is so cool!

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I think I saw VIDP being mentioned too in that post, I know in real life South East Asia do get foggy in the mornings and afternoon in the mountains, will check on that, thank you!

Edit: VIDP is in South Asia, my bad

Make sure rendering quality is on High or the fog may not appear at all or appear as prominent as is seen on the Infinite Flight social media posts.

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Looking for an area with low visibility? Check out badbadweather.com.


Will do that, will also check on lower setting combos to see perhaps results come out differently on different phones, thanks for the info!

Way to go, found 'em! Got all types of horror METARS scenarios for my flight, thank you!

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go to switzerland, its foggy all day here, great chance of catching some, also nice scenery with the alps and fog


@CaptJJ Actually you should change the first option in Graphics to High, for it to work

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Thank you so much guys for your inputs! Finally swam in “clouds” :) :) :) I just could not believe that this picturesque panorama I’m seeing is in fact, in Infinite Flight!

20.2 fog layers are truly amazing, they stay put, they’re just like an ocean of clouds underneath you, with mountain tops peaking out of cotton fluffs as far as the eye could see in a 0SM area in the METAR.

Though perhaps the devs correctly position their altitude, it is a thin layer so sometimes when you dive into them they’d quickly dissolves out - but, dissolving gradually so it felt so realistic! I’m so happy with this.

Kudos to IF team for creating 20.2 and every kind IFC here helping a fellow Infinite Flight pilot to experience this wonder.
Thank you!


The device you use doesn’t matter, the rendering quality has to be on high.


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