I can't see a plane which is flying next to me in HUD

I am currently frying from UUEE to EYVI with another guy in front of me. We are quite close to each other. When I use normal camera, I can clearly see him in front. However, when I switch to Cockpit view I can not see his stobes anymore. Also, if I switch a time to a day, I can clearly see him.

Please find a link to a video attached below

Update: I can’t see lights at all. Plane is visible

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You can’t see strobes while in cockpit view. At least that’s what i’ve observed.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I am saying

Oh, wait. Found a similar topic already.

Feel free to close!

I’m saying that no one can. It’s just how Infinite Flight is

Yeah, that’s true. That’s a problem btw and I guess should be fixed…

It’s not exactly a problem. Since I’ve played IF, you’ve never been able to see strobes in the cockpit view. Also, if you’d like this topic closed flag it.

But I guess in the real world you should be able to see them

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