I Can't run the app

Hello, I would like to ask for help, since yesterday I have been trying to enter the simulator, but this only stays on the initial screen, where the logo appears and it does not change even after a long time, I already uninstalled and installed the app and still it does not work, I do not know if this is because an error correction update is coming or if it is something related to my cell phone, my cell phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, I hope they help me and I am pending! Cheers

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A hotfix has recently been pushed by the developers, this should help sort out some of the issues you are facing. It should arrive on your device shortly. If you still encounter issues after downloading the hotfix come back here and the team will be able to help you further

More info can be found here: 20.1 Hotfix Now Available


Hello, I am still having problems starting the app, it still does not go beyond the initial screen, I already uninstalled and reinstalled the simulator, but I still do not get results, I hope you can help me!

Sorry to hear this, I’m not sure what the issue could be then. The best way to get help will be to email the support team at infinite via this email address, support@infiniteflight.com. Provide as much information as possible in your original email for the quickest and best service!

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