I cant report this user

Earlier today i was controlling EGGL tower on training server. theres this f22 taking off in the taxi way, flying in highspeed and crashing into other players . When i tried to report this user it says controller rating too low, how much rating do we need to report users and what should i do if this happens again?

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You can’t report/ghost people on the Training Server. Only IFATC controllers on the expert server have the ability to ghost users who don’t behave. Sorry for the inconvenience!

You can apply to become an Expert Server controller (be part of IFATC) here:


You need to be IFATC for that.
All you can do is work around him…

Best solution

Become IFATC you’ll have fun!
Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

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Okay thanks a lot for the help😊

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