I cant renew my infinite flight subscription

Today I am trying to renew my subscription on android with a Google Play balance and when I go to pay it says payment rejected and on my way out there are 10 with 46 cents I have even paid up to 10 dollars only someone to help me. Someone tell me why or help me how to fix it

Hi, make sure you have enough balance to cover your local, state, country tax. This will be tacked on to the subscription fee based on your area of origin. $10.46 might not be enough to cover the subscription fee and taxes.

Im trying to pay mi my credit card and I cant it says try again

Hmmm, okay is there a chance you have another payment method? You haven’t changed anything recently or haven’t moved out of the previous country right?

Now I could put my card but it says the same to me, now it says me card rejected and my card has a lot of balance. I have not moved I included the page last month too and I had no problems and I am living in the same place as always nothing has changed.

Okay, let’s try this now. Go ahead and sign out of your App Store. Once you’ve done that go ahead and restart your device. Wait for it to boot up and then go ahead and try again.

I did that from another device and the problem persists

We need you to sign out of the App Store from the same device.

The problem persist I did all that that you said

I’m sorry. Let’s have you delete the app and do a fresh install. There may have been a new fix in place for Google Play and Apple Store errors. Once you reinstall report back.

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thank you It works

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