I can't reinstall Infinite Flight

So IF kept crashing and i thought it was due to the BETA so i uninstalled it to reinstall
Then my phone crashed and IF is uninstalled but now i cant reinstall it
Like theres no option there

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Is it possible that you’re still in the process of leaving the beta version? I’d recommend waiting for some time prior to trying to reinstall.

Can you possibly take a screenshot of your App Store or Google Play Store?

Yep. Make sure that you’ve left the beta track first.
If that’s done issues such as these, is generally due to corrupt or faulty cache in Google Play Store. This is assuming that you are using the same Google account as you were using at the time of the app purchase.
To resolve your issue, please try the steps given in the help article linked below:



Sure thing
Thx so much :)

It’s still not there :(

Then you’ll most likely have to wait a while until the process of leaving is complete.

Beta testing isn’t a walk in the park ;)

Ahh rt rt
I understand
Thx for ur help :)

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Its working now thx :)

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