I can't purchase anything

While skimming through the IF menu for the planes i came across a messege saying In App Purchases Check Apple ID and try again and i don’t have an apple device i have an android device so if you have any suggestions please help because when i come to getting Pro i can’t get it because it says Error

You can not buy airplanes separately after the last update.

Could you please tell us from where you got Infinite Flight and what device you are using?

Google play store and Samsung J5

This is the second time this has come to the forums. I believe Seb will be looking into this with the Team.

Closing for now before 20 messages get dumped in here. Expect a response from our Community Manager. Best Regards, Levet

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The issue with not being able to purchase something is correct as previously mentioned.
However, the strange error you’re seeing regarding Apple-ID is not and we’re investigating it.

I’ll send you a PM shortly requesting some additional information to help us troubleshoot the issue.

Thank you!