I can't post something in the proper category

Hello IF Community, I’m new in this forum and I have a problem. It happens that I want to post something in the features category, but in the bar to select the category, the features category it doesn’t appear. I also tried to go directly to the features category but I can’t and the button is like transparent. By the way, I’m trying to post from my laptop. I really appreciate your help. Greetings from Amsterdam.

Hello! Welcome to this forum. This is because you are new here. So stay active, it won’t take long I promise. Again, welcome and happy landings. :)


This is because of your Trust Level :) When you reach TL3 (I believe), you’ll then be able to move it yourself :)

And may I introduce you to our Dutch veteran, @Jan!

Really?, oh well thank you Pilot8!

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No problem 😀👍

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I think it’s TL2, but a mod can confirm.

@Swang007 shared a link to this:

It should be worth the read :)

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OK, I really understand but thanks for the guide

@flyingdutchman Welcome to this wonderful community! Glad to have you here.

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The above posts are correct:)