I can't play multiplayer

Hi there. I am trying to play in multiplayer mode and I keep getting this error. Can anyone help?


Are you using different login credentials?

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The basic question is do you have a Live pass purchased

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Use the account you bought Live with.


Do you have another account with a subscription too?

If yes, then you should try @anon31652286 's suggestion

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I’m having the same problem but I don’t remember the original account, please help

I got a similar issue when flying on TS1 - the signal in the top is now red and no ATC - said i was signed in somewhere else… now flying blind

What is multiplayer
You mean online ?? Or am i missing a feature

Read this it could help

He means live…

Do you even IF

This exact issue happened to me a few weeks ago. Contact @david and he can help and hopefully fix this issue. He can try and transfer your subscription from the other account to this one. That’s what happened to me 🙂

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