I cant message

hi when I try to message someone it doesn’t let me

This is due to your trust level being a new member.



This is because you are currently Trust Level 0. You should be at TL1 in no time and then you will be able to message. Who were you needing to get in contact with? We can tag them so they can message you…

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Oh ok sorry whats trust level

You can find your answer under the “Community Trust Levels (TL)” tab on this topic.

Please read the links above.

Trust level is like your grade in IF. You get more trust if you post, like, reply to other posts, etc. It’s very easy to get a trusted level, just be active on the community and you’ll be able to message someone in no time.

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@yeeteyyeetyeet Make sure you read those posts made by the staff members in the #meta category, to help yourself get around the community. 🙃

ok thanks guys

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