I can't log into my second account

So I was trying to log in and I keep getting the message this account was never used with infinite flight even tho I flown with it all of the time along with the other 3 accounts I fly with all the time and it also said I needed to pay for the subscription again bc I had to cancel for like a few weeks bc I got a little boards with it I try to log back in and then i expireamce this issue so I went along with it and my hole grade and progress everything was reset please check and make sure this is fixed

The 2nd one I am having problems with last due pay date July 22 2020 and I just bought the subscription again like 20 minutes ago

I would contact a moderator like @DeerCrusher. He is usually very quick to respond and very good.

Suggest you DM @moderators :D

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This would be better off handled by support as we cannot see this sort of information. Your best option is to keep or create a support topic by emailing support@infiniteflight.com for assistance with this.

Additionally, more information about subscriptions not working can be found here:

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Schllyburg said I was blocked on that email that I could not email that email

If you’re already communicating with him, then its best that you continue to communicate with him. He’s your best source of information for things regarding this.

I am not tho I was like 2 months ago when I had issues with the trust level 2 thing

And I would but I can’t find his profile

@schyllberg is here on the forum. I’m sure he’ll get around to this when he has a moment to do so.

I just messaged him

OP messaged support