I cant launch Infinite flight

Hello! So I tried to load up Infinite flight and i keep getting an error code, I checked that I was connected to the internet. A restart of the app squashed the bug or whatever it is but now im getting cant show statistics?

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Same here.

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Seems to be an issue for everyone currently.


I’ve tried reloading in and it’s fine

I’m getting an error code 8, the same as 2 days ago I believe.

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It looks like a global issue.

Stand by guys!

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I think try reloading the game

Same here, I tried restarting again and now I get error code 8.

restart your device. works everytime. had the same happen to me yesterday

It was the other way round for me.
Seems to be working now.

yes I’m aware there’s dust on my iPad screen

Seems to be working now!

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This should be back now, sorry about that!


Works for me now as well!

Alright I’ll let this topic get closed then :)

working for me now too :)

No problem Cam, Thanks! :)

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