I can't keep my nose level when doing a crosswind takeoff

Because there’re no co-pilots in IF except NPC ones on small aircrafts, I have to bring up the gear myself whilst slowly releasing the rudder deflection back to its normal position. I find this difficult while only using my right hand.

During crosswind takeoff, I use my rudder and its deflection depends on the wind velocity. For moderate crosswind, I have to deflect my rudder almost to the max and because the rudder and gear control is on the RHS of my device it would only make sense for me to use my right hand for both controls. Hence, I’m unable to just let go of the rudder and bring the gear up once my aircraft is airborne as this will cause the nose of my aircraft to roll left and right and I have to counteract the action with opposite rolling.

I’ve tried hand-flying takeoff without fixing autopilot heading and even tried low sensitivity. Low sensitivity seems to work, but with that I’m unable to rotate my aircraft with the same force as normal sensitivity to the desired AOA for lift.

In these types of situations, I keep 3 fingers (1 on the left hand for the throttle and 2 on the right hand) on or in front of the screen.

If it doesn’t help, especially on your right side, add another finger to make it 3 on the right hand but make sure your left hand still has control of your device so you don’t accidentally drop your device and put your plane in a nose dive.

It’s just my simple way of keeping the plane under control while keeping myself comfortable at the same time. Of course, you can go back to your normal positions once everything is good.

just be careful not to accidentally tap on anything else with your extra fingers XD

You could slowly realese rudder and adjust with the ailerons to keep runway heading.
Or just use three fingers

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It’s very difficult to have good control compared to normal wind conditions. If I’m not used to the new position you mentioned, I might accidentally press something else like the A/P button and fix VS and everything, that’d surely piss me off as I’ve to start over my flight because the buttons were to close. In a real cockpit, there might be many buttons but each one of them is separated.

I mean the screen is pretty limited, so you can’t expect the developers to spread everything around and still have room to see what is in front of you.

It’s hard in crosswind situations and requires a lot of self control.

I’m doing that now but what about the gear? Usually gear goes up a few seconds after takeoff. I’d take longer than a few seconds to release the rudder.

All I can say it’s bad luck for me to have crosswind situation now when I want to fly! When I don’t want to fly it’s normal winds .-.

Trying it again at 0800Z, hope there’s no more crosswind.

Gear goes up at positive climb rate. So yeah, it’s a bit of a struggle. Adjust with back angle and release the rudder immediately after take off (smoothly)

Until Infinite Flight adds a two-player option where you and another Infinite Flight player can operate a flight at the same time, this is what we are going to have to deal with.

Better to find ways that work than making life harder for yourself and possibly losing control of the plane.

For now, I’d say just add more fingers and try your best to maintain self control. That’s what I always do in these weird crosswind takeoffs.

No, 8 kts crosswind from 220 degrees during takeoff runway 27R @ EGLL isn’t weird at all. It’s normal but no one likes crosswinds in IF because it does what I mentioned when this doesn’t happen in real life. Do you see the plane bank hard upon rudder release during crosswind takeoffs? It probably does happen but not to the extent of what I’m experiencing on IF.

I call all crosswinds weird because they make your plane behave weird and then you have to act differently XD

I don’t see planes banking hard often on takeoff upon the release of rudder but doesn’t that also depend on weight. Either that, or there is something I’m missing.

I guess I have to live with this weird reaction. I can actually keep the nose level with sturdy hands during crosswind takeoff however I can’t keep the plane on runway heading as the wind is pushing me to the side. I will then have to roll the plane back so that it continues to fly runway heading and when I do that it looks like my plane is making a departure turn when it’s not.

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