I cant import replay files on my android device

Recently, I tried to import my replay files but when I tried to import replay files using the way given in support forum I wasn’t able to import replay files. Please help me out with this issue!

Are you appealing a violation? In this case, when I had to appeal a violation I uploaded via Drive. Just upload the file to drive, copy the link (check the file is visible for everyone) and paste it where ever they told you

Please re-read the post. It is clearly stated even in the title that the problem is not being able to IMPORT it, not export and share.

As for OP, would you mind sharing whether you are in beta or google play version?

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Yeah. I have updated infinite flight app to beta version

If you’re in beta, it’s better if you utilize #open-beta category for all your problems.

I will do take care of that next time. But, what is the solution to my problem?

Sadly there is no topic on the issue where I could have gotten the solution to your problem, so your best guess would be just to write there and hope you will get a workaround or that it would be fixed in the next beta builds

I’ve asked why “Open in Infinite Flight” isn’t available at the moment.

I’ll let you know when I get an answer.

Please continue in the #open-beta category as mentioned above. Thanks!