I can't hear ATC

I have tried to adjust my text-to-speech and that’s not it. anyone have any answers?


What kind of device do you have?
What steps have you tried?

Is your device on silent? Meaning do you have your ringer turned off.

If you are using apple this happens all of the time if either your ringer is off like @Pilot_Future said, but also just randomly happens to me. It is usually fixed by restarting the app.

I’m using an Android and tried fixing text to speech… restarted the phone… uninstalled the app…it was working fine just stopped

I’m on a Motorola g7 power

No sometimes i can hear other planes…just not myself or atxlc

I have the same problem. I can hear ATC messages but not the ones I’m sending myself. I have no idea why this happens.

Google has recently released an update for its Text to Speech services on the play store… Make sure you are using the most up to date version, then follow these steps below:

(Please note some voices are not currently working, Google is working on a fix to this as far as I’m aware)

The steps you follow may be slightly different as you are running the Motorola version of Android Pie, but it should be a mostly similar process.

Go into your system settings and find the accessibility settings page

Select Text To Speech Output

Install voice data

Select the set of voices you wish to use (i.e United Kingdom or Australian etc, it’s quicker than doing the ones you don’t need)

Press the delete icon in the top right and uninstall the current voice data. Then reinstall it by pressing the download icon. Once the voices have installed, hop back onto infinite flight and see if you can hear the voices again as usual (the ones in the sim that is, not the ones in your head. Separate issue)

Hope this helps!

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I am having the same problem too. I can here my ATC requests but not the response ir other pilots. I use a S8

You’ll need to follow the steps that Kirito mentioned above. Also ensure that the voice you have selected in-game for other communications is a voice that you have downloaded.


On October 8th, Google pushed an update for their TTS (text to speech) application used in many Android phones. This update can in some cases cause ATC voices to stop working for Infinite Flight. To resolve this issue, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Text to speech output -> Install voice data.

Remove all voices that are possible to remove, then download & install them again. Specifically the English options. That should do the trick!

Note :
Depending on Android version, your TTS settings could be placed a bit differently. If you can’t find them using the steps above, try:
Settings -> General Management -> Language input -> Text to speech -> Cogwheel next to your preferred TTS engine.

As found in Support FAQ 2019 - Please read this before posting!


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