I can't hear atc

Help, I can’t hear atc, I has restart my phone, and check volume


Sorry to hear.
First, are you on iOS or Android?

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I use Android Xiaomi redmi note 6 pro MIUI 10 Android 9

I am having a similar problem

Seems like something have recently updated on Android causing this.

Please see the topic above. The tips given there should help.


When I select the voices for each region (i.e. English [United States]), I’m not given an option to delete them. It allows me to select the voices, but no other options appear.

Edit: seems to only be that way for United States. I’m assuming that I won’t have to apply the steps in the linked thread for US English, then?

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I assume you have the same issue? Not sure to be honest.

Google have obviously made some changes to TTS causing this. I would personally just reinstall the entire TTS but that’s me.

Yes, I have the same issue. I’ll follow your advice and the thread above, and hope that it works. Thanks for the help!

Share your findings. I think i need to look closer at this either way… and since I currently don’t have access to an Android phone for this, any information you share is helpful :)


I faced this issue on my android phone couple of days back. Did some digging and found out that Google TTS had an update 3 days back after which some of the previously installed voice data files were corrupted. Had to go to the settings and reinstall voice data and it has solved the problem.

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Yeah, I just checked and they did something to the voice packaging.

Thnks, it was fix problem

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