I Cant Hear ATC Reply

Please help me! I cant hear ATC reply to me and i know that i just cant hear them because i can hear it from my brother’s phone when we play together. I know its not my volume cause i checked it a million times! I compared my brothers settings to mine and they were the same, but i still cant fricking hear them! I got this game 3 days ago and couldnt hear a thing. Please help!

Please check in Settings if the ATC volume is on.

When you pause and close your device or a notification goes off during a atc reply it will mute for some reason.


Yup!! happens to me every single time. I think the only way to “fix it” is by closing and re-opening the App.


Hi mate:
Please provide
Device and operating system

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Apple Iphone 5 IOS 7

i did and its all the way up but I still cant hear it

but this has been happening to me for 3 days!

how do i unmute it?

Delete the app and reinstall it! :)

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True. Maybe deleting it and reinstalling works. Tell me how that goes

Upgrade ios 9 i would say


Make sure the app isn’t in the background by pressing home button twice and swiping up IF.

upgrade your phone ;)

Do you go off the app while using it? As it happens to me all the time

dosent that close it out?

yea but then i press the home button twice and swipe it up then reopen it

ok ill check it out

will it still restore my purchases?

Ok so I deleted it then re-downloaded it and i still cant hear it. :( if you guys dont know what else to do then im just gonna delete this game permanently because its no fun w/o the ATC. Thanks for your help anyways.