I can't go from sfo to lax with out IF pro

I seriously need to buy a 9.99 subscription just to fly for 10 min. What can’t you give us a region of a country at least so we can experience some small global.

Uh, you can fly there. If you have NorCal and SoCal region, you can glide between the two.
However IF Pro is seriously cheap.


If you’re going fast enough, you probably would be able to do this flight.

SFO - LAX is definitely not a 10 minute flight. I don’t know what kind of plane you’re flying but nothing goes that fast unless it’s a Concorde.


I am just saying hypothetically I can’t do that and plus 9.98 is most definitely not in my budget

Then fly solo and do some more possible flights without IFPro like London to Paris

Thank you for your feedback. The developers have mentioned in the past that they will consider expanding a few regions, such as the London, Paris, and Amsterdam regions to accommodate for flights between these regions.