I can't get into my account

How do I buy live? I made an account but I can’t find any videos on how to buy it. The only ones that show up are hacks to get it for free. Whenever I try to sign it it says error account not found. How do I purchase liv?!!?


You purchase a live subscription through your app store now.
@Justen_Lim can you provide me with the following information please bud?

  • device
  • software version
  • IF Version
  • a screenshot of the error you’re seeing

That way we can start diagnosing the issue to pinpoint where the problem lies.

I have Nexus 6p
It runs on Android version 8.1.0
I’m not actually sure what Verizon IF is how do I see

And I’m also not sure where to buy live on Google play…

OH I found the if version. It is 18.03.0

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Ok… I don’t think the IF Version is the issue.
Your device is compatible, so assuming you have the latest software the only actual practical answer here is your account wasn’t created. Have you used it before?

Hold on what do u mean by created anyways I’m so confused

You said you had made an account, when did you do this and have you used it before with a Pro subscription?

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Gonna call in some back up also…

@schyllberg @Tyler_Shelton - either of you around for this one?

Oh no… I’m trying to find out how to buy live first it’s confusing

You need to log into your account so you can purchase a subscription for it to link to.

Dammit but that is the exact thing that doesn’t work lol

Exactly, so create a valid account which you log into in game. It’s linked to either a Google account or Facebook.

When you come to click fly online, you’ll be greeted with a pop up saying no active subscription found. Click the link and it’ll take you to the playstore where you can pay for your subscription.

Yeah I made one for both and none of them work…

The account mustn’t have created successfully. Did you receive any message of confirmation?

Yes I confirmed them

And you’re putting the correct email and password in?

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Yeah I tried it still didn’t work

If you have created an account and received a message confirming creation (I’m assuming you’re using that account to talk to me on here, by the way), then they only issue here is that you’re inputting incorrect details.