I can't fly online

I paid everything I had to pay and nothing I bought the month subscription and I still don’t see anyone flying online it’s always me alone and nobody else did I do something wrong 🙁

Once you click “Fly Online” what comes up?

Also: Try to spawn in KLAX in SoCal, you’ll see quite a few people there

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Have you received a bill for your payment yet on your email?

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Please provide us with some more info.

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Could you supply us with some info.

  • Device
  • Software
  • Any modifications, as in rooting or jailbreaking.

And all the other stuff that relates to it.

What i suggest you do is click on the top left, where it says your name, click buy subscription, then restore subscription. The names may not be exact but im sure you’ll know what to do.

Check out this topic for more help.

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Thanks for contacting support, @Pilotdriver787

Before we proceed further, can you please confirm that before playing you are selecting the “Fly Online” option on the homescreen, rather than selecting solo mode. If your subscription does not appear, then ensure you are logged in the same account that you purchased it with and try “Restore Purchases”.

It may also be the case that you aren’t in a region populated by other users. When you select “Fly Online” it shows you the amount of users in the active regions. Try spawning in Southern California on the Training Server and you’ll be sure to see some other players.

If after confirming this, you still can’t see other players, it is most likely a connection issue of some kind. In this instance, we would suggest that you ensure you have a strong and stable connection. Restarting your device, re-installing the app, and restarting your WiFi modem/router typically resolve these kinds of issues. Feel free to report back to us if these steps do not resolve the problem.

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We appreciate your support, and the information and guidance in your post was correct, but we do kindly ask that users avoid phrasing posts in a way that implies that they themselves are customer support. This is to avoid confusing the end user. Thanks.