I can't fly above 265kts with some aircrafts


With Boeings, I can easily go up to 420kts, but with some other aircrafts (like A320, A340, B717…) I can’t go more then 260kts without having this result :

I dont’t know the exact word in english, but as you can see the plane is flying “with his nose down”.
How can I correct that ?

Increase the trim by like 5% or 10%.

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Are you sure?

Because when I takeoff my trim is already at 10%, but I still have this problem.

Increase the trim even more then

Okay, hope it will work!
Thank’s :)

it isnt working. maybe a a340... cant fly over 265kts in this altitude in reality

Even at 12,000ft I have this problem.

Check your weight


My weight is always set to “normal” when I fly.

I tried trim, not working :/

Maybe the speed was simply too fast for the aircraft.

Can fly at 450 kts at 38000 ft

Check your screen. You have Autopilot set to ON. That’ll do it!

I don’t think so. I also have this problem with A320/330 and Boeing 717.

So I have to fly manually for all the duration of the flight?

Nothing to do with trim, weight or speed @jooeball @Samuel_Wong

Before updating to version all aircrafts had a nose down pitch during cruise. The new version introduced the necessary corrections for the 777s, 767 and 757, and the aircrafts added with further updates had already the correct physics.
But for the Airbuses there had never been such an update, and they were still ignored…


So the only think I can do is to wait an update that correct this issue?

Look at the photo you included. Your speed was set therefore you would not go faster. You may have set it to comply with air speed violations and forgot to toggle it off! air speed 323 set point 320 kts. Make sure there is NO yellow box around the speed setting.

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