I cant find the infinite flight update!

Hey everyone,
I play Infinite flight on my iPad and I’ve looked for the update (in the app store) but there is no option to update. I have tried turning my device off and on but I don’t know what to do.

I may be wrong… but I believe that this update has shipped around the world by now. What country are you located in and what device is this that you’re trying to update with?

I am in Australia, my friend who is also in Australia plays on iPhone and he has run the update.
I play on a new iPad pro so there is no obvious reason why I can’t find the update

and when you look up Infinite Flight on the App Store, it’s not already updated? Still says that the latest version is 19.4?

OH YOUR WONDERFUL! lmao that’s so obvious.

Thanks for helping me come to my senses


Oh it’s a pleasure! Sometimes our issues are so minor and the solution can be found right in front of our eyes! Enjoy the update mate! 🙃

Firstly thank you @Balloonchaser very helpful.

Secondly 😂, i read the version number in the wrong place (I still had 19.4)
For anyone who is having the same troubles as me, open the app, start a flight (you don’t need to take off, just spawn in your plane) and then check the app store again.

To be clear, I just updated the app. Thank you Infinite Flight for supporting everyone and creating the beautiful game.


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