I cant fi̇nd my last account

Hi ı have infinite flight account with grade 2 and ı delete my game and than ı download my game one more time ı clicked gmail but it doesnt work everything is 0 My Xp My Flight Time ı have subscribtion what can ı do. Please Help

You are probably logging on on a different account


This is an expected behavior on Android devices, where the account has no active subscription and have not been linked to a Facebook or Google account.

Does that sound familiar?

I Dont Understand actually can ı take my goggle play screenshot

If you could reply the GPA-number from your last subscription receipt, i can check.

I Bought New Subscriptiom

GPA.3327-4858-9121-36157 thats my new subscription number

Please Can you check this ı have last infinite flight massege GPA.3350-1374-9659-29629

As I suspected, unlinked account.

But i fixed it now. Restart the app and you’ll find everything in order :)

Thanks İ Will Restart

Thank You sir :)))

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