I can't ever manage to land my plane on live

Take a look here, this should help a bit

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Make sure you’re calibrated properly. Get set up properly on final and give yourself plenty of time to get established on to the ILS. If you’re 20 miles out 30,000ft doing 400kts then you’re going to struggle. Take into account the weather and the terrain and watch your speed, 130kts on the jetliners should be about right for landing and about 70kts for the Cessna 208, slower still on the 172. Most of all read the available #tutorials there’s a lot of very good material on there.

I can’t screen record on this ipad

And I don’t think screen shots would do much

Hmm, maybe try recording it using another device? Like try to get someone to take a video of your flight with a phone while you fly with the iPad?

Some helpful flight links that will assist proper landings:

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Why can’t you screenshot on the ipad?

Go to JFK on casual server and maybe I can give you a few tips.


I don’t have new york

What region would you like to go to?

Amsterdam it is empty right now meet me right now at Amsterdam ok

Sounds good

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Try this little table that I put together to help for approach speeds, distance to go, altitude to aim for, flap settings, Vertical Speed etc etc. It is a guide to use and can be adjusted depending on weight and balance of your aircraft as well as temperature, alt of airport etc,



I also use the ipad and when I first downloaded IF was the same for me for quite few days. My advice is spend time learning the basics, read tutorials - there is plenty of -, watch full IF flights on youtube - again there is plenty of - and then try to put in practice what you learn.

One thing that I do if flying on autopilot is calibrate the device before landing. I usually disengage the AP at 3000ft. When the plane is stable at 3000ft, before starting the descent for final I put the ipad in the position I want it to, go the options and calibrate. At this point I go back to the flight, disable the AP and I fly manually for landing.
While you are still learning you can even disable the AP way before, let’s say at 6000/5000ft, so you have time to get used to controls and recover the plane if something happens. Also in this case do not reduce the speed too much as you’re relatively still far from landing. In general don’t tilt too strong when you control your plane but try to be as smooth as possible when you move the ipad.

End of the day is just a matter of practicing, practicing and…practicing. Don’t get annoyed, keep practicing and you’ll get there soon! ;)


A screenshot with your hud will help the community look at how you are doing your flights. It is not as informative but most people will get an idea if you are making some mistakes and try to give acurate advice to help

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Using this guide it appears I would need between 180-210nmi to descend given my usual cruising altitudes.


This should be really be in the support

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I try to stay at 12,000 on a KNUC-KPSP, if that helps.

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That would depend on your cruising Altitude. I started this table at FL420 with about 140nm as distance to go, which is probably a little close, but if you plan your descent profile carefully it works.

I am not aware of many aircraft that cruise above FL420?