I can't ever manage to land my plane on live

I either end up crashing or giving up.If anyone can give me any help/tips I would be grateful.


Slow down and Descend earlier, 130-140 kts should be good for landing in a commercial aircraft


I sometimes don’t even get on approach. I am on IPad and I have to use tilt controls so it’s harder for me.

Which aircraft are you using…Where are you flying…What’s the weather like?
These are some questions you could ask yourself when you feel you are going to crash. But what aircraft are you flying? :)

Autopilot is a wonderful thing.


Change the sensitivity maybe that’ll help.

I use an I pad and dont have these issues? As @Ninetales has suggested, slow down. Theres plenty of help on here try looking in the tutorials for help with ther aircraft your using.

Usually I fly small aircraft like 717s and a321s because I can’t find gates that hold the big aircraft

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Have you practiced on solo?

A320 has auto land? slow down to around 160 kts and be at no more than 45degs to runway and hit APPR then copy this next time and youll get the hang of it

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Any gate will hold any aircraft at major airports, to be honest basically any gate will hold any aircraft unless it’s a heavy free airport of course.

Yeah I practiced for weeks. But never landed a plane from San to Lax without using short final or landing button.

That’s not really the case. An A380 gate can probably handle an A320 but an A320 gate can’t handle an A380.


Maybe you’re descending too fast? Are you following the glidescope?

Maybe if you take a few pictures or a video to show us how you land, we could give you better feedback on how to improve. :)


As I said before I sometimes don’t even get on the approach

The 717 is a toughy to land and the A320 you need to be at a slow enough speed because it has ground effect and the lift physics. Like Mr @Kyle.Plane stated practice on solo or casual server. But I’m not going to give the best advice.

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Why don’t you get on approach? As Henrik said, could you please show us pictures or videos?

Take a look here, this should help a bit

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Make sure you’re calibrated properly. Get set up properly on final and give yourself plenty of time to get established on to the ILS. If you’re 20 miles out 30,000ft doing 400kts then you’re going to struggle. Take into account the weather and the terrain and watch your speed, 130kts on the jetliners should be about right for landing and about 70kts for the Cessna 208, slower still on the 172. Most of all read the available #tutorials there’s a lot of very good material on there.