I can't enter the app

For the fourth day I can’t enter the Infinite flight.

First screen appears with endless loading and then ”error code 7”.


At the moment I tried all the methods that were provided by the support, but only one helped - switching to another network. What is the problem with my Wi-Fi that preventing the connection to Infinite Flight servers?

My devices: iPad Air 4 and iPhone XR
Provider: MGTS
Country: Russia

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Hey there,

Sorry to hear that you’re encountering these issues, however, the best thing you could do in the meantime is to follow the steps in this post made by Schyllberg. It is pretty complete, and has the solutions to most of the problems that are frequently encountered by users.

If for whatever reason, this is still an issue after following all steps, I would highly recommend that you contact a member of staff and have the issue resolved from there.

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Hey there! Having the same issue. I’m using now ‘hotspot’ network from my cellphone (instead of WiFi) and its working! But still weird issue.

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