I can't connect with LiveFlight Connect?

I did everything they told me to do, enable infinite flight connect, same network, and allowed access to private and public servers. Still it will not work, does anyone have a solution?

Device: IPad Mini 4

IF Version: Latest on IOS

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What device were you on?

Same, I,m on Windows 10 and I,m using my keyboard and I,m trying to connect it to my iPad Air 2. It told me to go to setting and controls, reset the controls, then connect the controls with my keyboard, but it wouldn’t work.

Hi and welcome to the forum,
please include more information concerning your issue, such as device, what Infinite Flight version, etc.
Also, I think this belongs in the support category (Don’t quote me on this).

I added the device and version to the post

Great. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for Infinite Flight and LiveFlight Connect to link up. Maybe you haven’t been waiting long enough.

Maybe this links and @Cameron or @DavidCutler can help you:
LiveFlight Help
Setup Guide
Joystick Not Detected

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This is for @DavidCutler and absolutely nobody else. ;)


I asked Cameron, he said he had no idea after we went over everything, like IPv6 and etc he said it’s probably a proxy server or something like that, still can’t connect Andy joystick is arriving in 3 days

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