I cant cancell subscribtion/Live Pro

Hello I cant cancel it and was only suppose to have it for one month but it automatically renewed and cost me 102kr extra. I wasn’t online on the day It ended due to I was away and now I cant cancel it and its going to run for additional month for 102kr which I don’t have,Dads money

Please Help me!

You are told to by Apple or who ever you are with that you need to cancel the subscription a day before it renews or it will do so automatically.

Hello. Unfortunately you can’t cancell a subscription via the app but once it runs out it will automatically ask you on the AppStore if you would like the cancell the subscription. You can also cancell it in the App Store or android store.

Regarding auto renew, this is a setting in the App Store, unrelated to FDS. You might check that that is not set to auto-renew for future months.

Thank you for contacting support. Auto-Renew can be cancelled by launching your App Store or PlayStore app, opening your account page, then selecting Subscriptions. From here you can manage and cancel any existing subscriptions.

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