I can't buy everything !

I can’t buy everything in game!
Huawei p8 lite
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Thank you for contacting support!

Customers using an older version of Infinite Flight that are unable to update in their App Store based on device compatibility will no longer be able to renew a Live or Live+ multiplayer subscription. If you have previously purchased a Live or Live+ subscription your service will still be honored and supported for the duration of your subscription period. Following your subscription expiration date or when trying to purchase a new subscription you will find “subscription unavailable” or a message similar to what you have received.

Infinite Flight’s newest update featuring global satellite imagery introduces the Infinite Flight Pro subscription which gives a full global flight experience and access to our entire fleet of aircraft. We appreciate your understanding as we move forward into the future.

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Your device doesn’t support Open GL ES 3.0 which is a requirement for the newest updates featuring global satellite imagery and the Infinite Flight Pro Subscription.


exactly what @Levet said, you need to be using the most recent version of Infinite Flight to buy everything in the game.