I cant buy aircraft

I need help with this

Can you please provide more details?

In an effort to simplify our pricing model, we have now made all paid planes part of the Pro subscription. Moving forward we decided to move away from In-App Purchases for our aircraft the same way we did for scenery when we first released global. All “paid” aircraft are now only available through our Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

Note: If you have purchased aircraft in the past, don’t worry. You’re grandfathered in, and those aircraft will remain available to you whether or not you have an active Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

There are a couple of reasons for this change:

  • It greatly simplifies our process to release new content on both Android and iOS, even allowing us to release new aircraft without requiring an app update.
  • It allows us to allocate more resources to update older aircraft; we ultimately want to bring our entire fleet to the same level of quality you are now all expecting.

We understand that subscriptions are not for everyone. However we believe it is the best option for something like Infinite Flight, which continues to evolve and improve through the years.
You can stop at anytime, and when you decide to check out the new stuff, you get access to everything for a month for only $9.99.

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Yeah, I remember when the switch to that happened. I had a bunch of planes, but they’re all locked now because of the switch :(

I had also paid for almost all of the regions before it turned worldwide.

If you purchased planes, as long as you are on the same account you can hit “Restore Purchases” at the bottom.

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I tryed to buy A330 A340 and 787 but it dident work since it said can not pick up from the server since im using a android phone

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I havent find it

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It might help us if you provide us with your device make and model as we can figure out if the new global update is supported on your device.

i have Samsung galaxy j3 2016

Can you share a screen shot of your about page of Infinite Flight?

Can you share a screen shot of your plane selection screen? At the bottom left there should be an option for “Restore Purchases”

I did do that, but I never got anything back.

there is no restore purchases button

Can you share a screen shot of your about page of Infinite Flight?

I think I know what the problem is here. @Alex222 are you on the Infinite Flight global update?

Is there any chance you can send us a screenshot of the “Select Aircraft” page?

If you are still on the pre global version, you will be unable to purchase any aircraft.

If you can play global you already have all the planes. There is no need to buy new planes.

i do not have all planes

Take a screenshot using the Volume Down and power button. At the bottom of your typing box there is this:
Select the screenshot, press done and it will upload the image.

If you’re having trouble finding the image in your phone, it will either come under recent or screenshots.

You have to select the plane and then press download.

i tryed to buy but it didnt work and i restarted my phone