I can't buy a subscription

My user is xXAWESOMEDUDEXx2345

Everytime I try to buy a subscription it says error failed to purchase but my Internet connection is fast

Which version of Infinite Flight do you have?

Try uninstalling IF and restarting your phone.

Latest and nm my user is xXAWESOMEGAMERXx2345

Where did you get it? It could be an illegal copy off internet. What kind of device do you have?

Play store for CAD 6.49

Can you provide which build please? 16.0 or 17.0?

Open up the app and click on about or check the version in your App Store.

Wait let me check ok I don’t know but I think I have the global update

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Ok I have version 16.30.0

It appears that you have an older version of Infinite Flight. What device are you utilizing?

Samsung galaxy tab 4 android

If you have Android with 5.0 OS or newer running you should be able to update the app.

Ok wait let me check what android I have

Ok I have android 4.4.1 but I can upgrade it to 5.1.1

5 mins please I gotta update this

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Update your OS and you should be able to get the newest version of Infinite Flight and then you can choose a Pro Subscription.

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Ok thx for you help I Appreciate it

Are you all set now?

I’m just finding out how to update my device thx for you help bye

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Have you solved the issue with updating the OS on your device and then updating IF?