I can't buy a new subscription

Hello there, I’m trying to buy a new PRO subscription and it won’t let me. When I press the subscribe button it says “Your transaction cannot be completed. To be able to do it, use another form of payment or contact us” But Idk why, there’s more than enough money in the credit card I’m using and I never had a problem with it.

On the 30th I requested a refund for the subscription that got auto renewed because I didn’t know when I was going to fly again. Could this be the reason of why I can’t buy a new one now?


Hi! Are you using iOS or Android?

I’m an Android user sir

Thanks! Payment processing for the purchase of a subscription is not handled through Infinite Flight but through the Google Play Store. If you receive a message that your payment failed to be processed, then there is either a problem with your payment method or a problem with the PlayStore.

This is the official page with suggested solutions from Google:

It may well be that due to the ongoing refund, it is not possible to purchase again. But I can’t tell you that for sure. If the problem persists, I would recommend you to contact PlayStore support directly.


Clear the cache memory of Play store from settings, apps, then restart your device. If that didn’t work, try updating payment method, remove payment card, restart device, then add card info again. Hope that helps

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@Marc @Omar

I tried everything and nothing works. This must mean an end for me… :(

I recommend to reach out directly to Google Support and see if they can help. They might have more information available about the nature of the transaction issue 😊

One possible way to go about it is to purchase $10 USD worth of google play credit and then youll have the amount you need for the sub and can use your google play credit instead of your cc.

You could also go around it by buying a google play card with email delivery online and using that. These of course just ways to get around in the case you camt get it figured out.

Hope this helps!


Yes that’s an option. But as it costs 11€ to me I must buy a 15€ card, which would make me loose 4€

I have 0,98€ in the Play Store Credit. If I had 1 more cent I could just buy a 10€ card (:

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True, however, whatever you choose to do i hope it works so you can get back to flying!!

Have you tried contacting Play Support as they suggest in the error message? :)

I’m not sure where to contact with them. Could you send me a direct link, please?

This one is quite detailed:

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Okay, I just contacted them. I must wait an email soon. Thanks for the help!


Yay, they solved it really fast! Thanks :)

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