I can't believe it...

I can’t believe it!!! I was flying in a B737-900 and was flying for about 1 hour. I was doing touch and goes in a lot of different places. I was headed to KNUC for my final leg. I switched over to the tower there. Then boom, the tower there spammed me with a ton of 360 assignmenys and it made my device crash. I list about 1200 xp that i got and an hour of flight time. I am soooooo mad. I want to cry😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😵😵😵😖😡😥


Welcome to KNUC on the playground server. Please come again soon.

I would recommend somewhere else for touch and goes cause KNUC is so busy. Nearby KAVX is good up to a 737, or try KPSP or KONT.

Unlucky mate :-)


this controller is boring…

Nope, I hate KNUC with a passion.

Are you an ATC? In our SAR Team an ATC could be helpful, think I’ve found a good place to do it at Half Moon Bay in SF Region, lots of mountains where one can easily land for an objective aircraf to find. Lot of crosswinds in the mountains and valleys and runways at Half Moon, small craft like Cessna’s are perfect for this, or even if a pilots good enough one COULD land a bigger Jet up in the mountains, turn off all local lights and such on aircraft, in settings for live then off all id of aircraft in and as we’ll be looking on the ground flying low and slow!! 😎

BUT can’t justify atc actions… we talk about 1h of flight… this is not anything

You are correct that the ATC was wrong. Did you report him? I just recommend staying away from KNUC for XP gaining.

@iCoffeeCat not an advanced ATC… yet… :-P

It’s okay, if it’s alright with you, Come on in Any of those atc levels should be alright, do you think so? Let me know

We’ll talk more tomorrow

That is the reason why i left after a one touch and go. I went over to unicomed airports. I went back to KNUC to see how good the atc was with the traffic and to finish my flight.

thats sooooooo sad! Infinite flight should make it so flights can be recovered more often, and easyerly

i know that easyerly isnt a word

@Maxmustang Hahaha no. I hate that place on playground, especially on advanced. It’s a Mil airport for god sake people, and it was certainly not designed for Air Traffic. It’s a nightmare.

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