I can't be ATC

Hello, I have a problem . Because if I would like to play as an ATC, and an airport select and Joine, is always there availed, and above is a green letter. And at every airport, and can not push anything. Although the airport is occupied by me.

Please list your device info, current version of your device and your Infinite Flight app. Also provide a screenshot.

Hi there! Please make your post more clear, and please view the following topic; you have made a support request incorrectly.


I had same problem, solution is server reset.

Ive run into this a couple of times. What happend was that between the time I select for example KSAN tower, and launch the simulator, another controller has beat me to it. You’ll see a little (obs) next to your frequency on the tab letting you know that your observing someone else control.

Hope this helps

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