I can't activate VNAV - Dash 8 Q-400

I am getting close to my top of descent and am trying to activate VNAV but it won’t let me. Claiming that it is unavailable during Climb. That is not the case I am cruising at 24,000 ft. toward EGPH with 90 KT headwind at 218 knots. Why can’t I activate it?


That’s strange. I recommend beginning your descent manually and then trying to activate VNAV and that could maybe resolve your issue. As long as you have a negative vertical speed, then VNAV should arm.

Let us know if this works, or if you have any further issues.

Start a descent manually into the autopilot, then hit the VNAV button, viola. On the other thing, i don’t know why you can’t it is probably because your altitude is climbing, then going down due to the winds.

I tried VS -1000 for a bit and it still didn’t budge.

Start a manual descent.
Edit: Is it possible that the altitude set in VNAV higher then your current?

I Know the problem the STAR probably had an altitude higher than where you were and that was maybe making the game think you were still needing to climb

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yay i did something :)


Voila! You’re absolutely right! I checked that and it shows one fix is @26,000ft. while I am at 24,000 ft.

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Sorry, I just assumed something was wrong since I just redownloaded the app to clear my device data.

You didn’t waste no ones time
@Skonert we all sometimes need a little help :D have a great rest of your day.

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Never mind, you didnt really waste my time, or anyone elses. Like he said, sometimes people need help, just next time please look more closely before making a topic.