I Can't Access My Replays

The title says it all, just finished patterns at Brisbane, wanted to access my replay to take some cool shots, replay won’t load.

I have 5 GB of free storage, it’s a new iPad 2019.

Do you have any screenshots we could see? As in is there an error message or does it glitch and shut down the app.

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Won’t load after the broken screen.

It seems odd, never heard of this happening have you tried restarting, rechecking your internet or even doing a quick solo flight and trying to access that replay?

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Yes, internet, app, and iPad.

It’s accesible. My YBBN pattern isn’t though.

Were you able to access your previous live replay or is it all the live replays?

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Yes I was able to access my previous one.

Then it seems to be some type of glitch with that replay in specific, unfortunately I wouldn’t know what to do. You could try exporting it and viewing it in a secondary application?

That specific file is corrupt and cannot be accessed, unless you attempt to export it to google drive, delete and reinstall IF, and try importing it, which may or may not work, I was able to do it once with success, but not another two times.

It says the file type is unsupported in my google drive.

Also, it worked for 2 seconds and went back to the laggy screen.

Then it must be let go, there isn’t anything else to be done.

This is getting weirder by the minute.

Instead of doing a soft restart I just did a force restart. and now I can’t see the plane and it’s still on the broken screen, but I can hear all the audio.

The file is corrupt and nothing else can be done.

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The file must be completely corrupt, I would let it go or like leave it a while and if still doesn’t work, then delete.

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Alright then, I’ll give it some time, maybe because it’s a 23MB file.

I’ll also try extremely low graphics, that might do the trick.

It’s not going to work…

As @dca.iad.aviation said, the file is corrupt. I tried the same stuff with one of my corrupt files, and I could never get into it.


Oh ok, I’ll just delete it later, too bad, it was such a nice pattern.

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