I Can't Access Live! (Error Code 04)

Hi! Please can someone help, I just tried to get onto Live and I can’t!

iPad Mini 3
iOS 9.1

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@matt @philippe What should I do?

I don’t know what to do but it’s more likely someone will if the title is more descriptive.

Okay, thank you! I’ll change it now

Please don’t tag the Developers unnecessarily please, they’re very busy.

Instead, Get in touch with David via email at:


By the way, Error Code 4 has to do with a general firmware failure to do with connecting the the playstore. Log out, restart your device, and log back in again, that should probably do the trick.


Because David is the Community Manager specifically responsible for customer tech support, whereas the Developers are there to develop, not spend their precious time providing support.

And I’m perfectly relaxed thankyou. My apologies if it somehow came across otherwise.


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