I cant acces to all my airplanes and regions that i bought withouts internet

I have a problem since the last Update. I bougth al the aircrafts an regions, and now, when i want to fly, the app show me like i dont have Any of my airplanes or regions. It show like when you has to download, the when i turn on the wifi, all my buy appears again. This is kind of annoying, why if i want to fly without an internet connection? I hope this will be just a bug, not a new regulation


Could we have device and specs to help @Tyler_Shelton with your problem?

Also are you on a live+ subsription or separate purchases?

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Have you given time for the planes and regions to download while using the WIFi?

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Thanks for the support message. Under all aircraft and regions are you seeing Purchase or Download? If Download simply begin downloading all purchased aircraft using a strong internet connection.



As Tyler said,Y ou must download the aircraft and regions first to use them offline, because Infinite Flight does not download the aircraft and regions by itself, so that it doesn´t take up too much of your memory!

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