I cannot see the tanker

I’m writing this in hopes someone will help fix this! I’ve in installed and re installed i.f. But I still cannot see other aircraft, I can see other jets, like f22 or citation, but not all the time and I cannot see any KC10 tankers, I can see their icon and square that indicates they are there but I see no aircraft, I’ve turned the aircraft count up as well, reloaded the game … it’s on my iPad, can anyone help?

Hey Mikey! This could be due to the fact that those “invisible” aircraft are not downloaded to your device.

  • If you are using cellular you need to make sure to have “Automatic airplane download on cellular” checked.

  • If not, try turning your count up even more (this can cause performance issues depending on your device).

Hope this helps you!


An alternative to what Luca said above, is to spawn in a KC-10 on solo.
This will force IF to download the aircraft to your device. Again, make sure that if you are using cellular data, that you have download airplanes over cellular enabled.

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Thank you!

Thank you too!! I will venture down both of those avenues!

I have honk that was the issue, none of the livery’s had downloaded! I will turn on automatic downloading!

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