I cannot resubscribe to infinite flight pro!

It just keeps saying please wait! What do I do? Now it has logged me out! What the heck is going on!?


Have you tried restarting your device?

yes… I’ve tried everything I can think of!

Uninstalled and reinstalled? Maybe that could work.

Didn’t work

Hmm… not really sure how to help other than those basic troubleshoots. Sorry!

Ok. Thanks for trying

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If you’re using Apple try going to the AppStore then renew the subscription from there by clicking on your profile photo

I cannot renew the subscription. It expired a week ago, and I’m getting it again. The app store has no option to renew.

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On IOS, check settings through the settings application and then subscriptions. You should be able to renew IF pro.

I am not sure about how to fix this or what is going on so I think your best bet would be to contact @schyllberg

I can’t renew it because I am currently not subscribed. I’m trying to buy a new subscription.

Make sure you have integrated purchases allowed in your restriction settings.

Double check to see if you have a valid payment option as well

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When you say resubscribe, did you used to have the subscription?

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@RoBroStar Yes. I stopped doing Infinite flight for about a month, and now I’m getting back into it. I’m trying to get a subscription, but it won’t let me.

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Ok I think I might know… Are you still a kid by any chance, and your parents put purchase restrictions in which would block you from buying an in app purchase?

Yeah. Unfortunately I am a minor.

I see. Hmm, from what I read in the earlier read, I am pretty sure that after you deleted IF, you immediatly soft restarted your device. If you didn’t do that, that would be my next move. Also, @bcc.123 makes a good point. When you make purchases, does it require parental permissions? If so, I also know what you are talking about. Your parents must allow permission for you to subscribe. Still having issues? I would recommened contacting @schyllberg.

Factory reset? Sorry but deleting ones entire device storage, apps and erasing everything does nothing, in general it will make the device seem “Faster” But when its around one app, like infinite flight, which yes take up a lot of space overtime, mainly because of replays and livery and aircraft downloads, deleting and reinstalling the app, clears all that space. The most some one should ever do, is delete and reinstall IF, never erase their whole device storage and everything because something isn’t loading…
Pm to discuss that.

@AndrewSunde How did you first purchase a subscription? when you had one last? Did anything pop up saying that you needed parental permission? Have you experienced long loading times before?

Also if there’s no parental controls or anything, just give it some time, a service could be slow, or something could be having issues. If your device is loading stuff slowly like your web browser, the community videos or something, maybe a router restart, but that’s extremely doubtful, Andrew, you can ask your parents if they put any subscription control on your device, or wait for Seb:)
Hope you can get this resolved at some point.

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