I cannot restore my purchases

I cannot restore any of my purchases
I am on iOS 10.1.1 on iPhone 7 Plus
Latest Version of Infinite Flight
When I am clicking restore purchases nothing is happening


Yes this happened to me… I tried to restore the Dash-8 Q400,
Device: iPad Pro 12.9
Software: iOS 10.3
Latest version of IF…

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I have had this issue before but I fixed it by deleting IF and reinstalling it If that doesn’t help then Idk what will

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In some weird update, the “Restore Purchases Successful” dialog got removed, is that your problem, or can you actually not download the aircraft?

If so I would tap purchase, and iOS should tell you “You have already purchased this item. It will be downloaded at no charge” or something like that.

iTunes restore purchases system doesn’t do what everybody seems to think.
It simply syncs the iTunes account being used on the device. Then afterward you still have to download and install previously purchased items. Even though the price shows up, and it appears that iTunes is making you pay again, just accept it, and right after that another iTunes message appears stating the item is already yours and can be installed for free.
If that message doesn’t appear after accepting the purchase, you will be charged because your iTunes ID being used has no record of the item being purchased, or it was refunded.


I have all the aircrafts on my iPad which is having the same account but not on my iPhone

Doesn’t matter which Apple device. The same applies to all Apple devices using the same iTunes account ID.

Still I got most aircrafts but not F-22 and B777-200F

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