I cannot restore my 20 purchase aircraft

So I have been a loyal customer of infinite flight and finally I receive my ‘20 purchase’ aircraft (the 747 SOFIA+737-700 BBJ). I resorted purchases on my IPad which is my secondary and I was given the aircraft, I got a new IPhone and when I restored my purchases I only got the aircraft I paid for not the reward for paying an extortionate amount of money for some virtual aircraft. I don’t want to have to purchase another 20 aircraft before I get them again all I want is to be able to fly them on this device instead of my old IPad. Please shed some light on my situation. Max.


That sucks,hope it gets sorted out

@david assistance?

(This guy should get back to you and help 👌)

The bonus aircraft unlock when the account used for purchases of IAPs has a total of 20 aircraft and regions purchased. They can only be locked or returned to being locked is if your account reflects 19 or fewer. A refunded item brining the total count down would cause previously unlocked bonus aircraft to become locked again. This would be especially noticeable when reinstalling to another device.


@david that’s the problem though I have made 20 purchases I’ve received the aircraft on my old device, using the same Apple ID and IF account, and I can seem to get them on my main device. Nothing has been refunded or taken away all that has happened is that I cannot access the aircraft on a different device.

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Buy live. It counts towards the 20 purchases.

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It worked for me though.

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Lol this this horrible! I hope someone helps you solve this

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