I cannot play Live

I can not solve problem yet.
I have not been able to do multiplay from 2 days ago.
I purchased live for a year, but I can not do Live. Flight time and XP disappeared.

The account is logged in with Google. And it is valid. However, it will go offline and can not do multiplay.
I reported in the community. And I tried every solution, but it will not be improved.

I do not want to waste Live licenses.

I hope to improve. Please.

・Samsung Galaxy S7edge

・Software ver : 6.0.1

・InfiniteFlight ver : 16.12.

Network connection environment is the good.


I’m no expert but most of the advice I see on here for these kind of issues is to re start your device and if that doesn’t work then delete and reinstall IF, so have you tried those?

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I did everything I could to do.

Of course, I restarted the device and reinstalled the application.

Did you fly outside of the region?

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No, it is not flying.

No before that :)

I belive David said it was a know issues , and is working on it …

@IF-JPN Found the thread that you made yesterday , i know it is frustrating , but David is working on it ! Making another thread isn’t going to speed things up :)


No, i do not it.

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Then it’s weird. @Joshua_Fleming is probaly righy

Yes, I also believe.

I am sorry to Mr. David.

No worries , it is very annoying with this happens , hopefully it been sorted out as we speak !

Maybe use your second live account ;)

This is your third topic about this… The last one was closed for being a duplicate… Please do not make more topics about this – you won’t get any more answers and you risk being suspended from the forum for not following the guidelines.


Yes i know. But
The last post was closed without enough argument.

“We are already discussing the issue. No need for this duplicate ticket. Thanks everybody for trying to help.”

Isn’t that good enough answer? It means they are working on it… You just made a 100% duplicate topic…

It was closed for a reason.


The problem with me has not been solved yet. Continuous posting was certainly a mistake. But the last post was.

I posted it because I can not fix problems related to IF.
And I do not want to leave nothing. I just bought a Multi for a year.
did not want to waste my purchase, so I posted it again.

You cannot fix it, but they are looking into it. They will solve it. It won’t be a year. :)

They don’t always have a “magical” answer all the time that everyone will understand. But you need to trust them, they are looking into it. :)

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Wait, why are there other aircraft on the ground?

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I understand. Thank you.

Because, i have two account.

And I can fly. However, XP and flight time acquired are not reflected, and it is always in the Offline state.