I cannot download IF because "its not compatible"

I cannot download or even see Infinite Flight on the google play store anymore

Device: Samsung Galaxy A02S
Operating system: Android

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Considering that this is a Samsung A02S that was announced in late 2020 and released to the market in early 2021, device compatibility should likely not be the issue. Rather, your Play Protect certificate might be behind Infinite Flight not being available to you.

If you have rooted or jailbroken your device in the past, this would have compromised your Play Protect certificate and therefore not allowed you to download Infinite Flight.


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This is due to your device’s OS. Despite your processor being a 64-bit model, which is now a requirement for Infinite Flight to be installed, your phone has a 32-bit version of Android. Why Samsung has done it for this device is beyond me, however, it means that you will not be able to install IF on your Samsung Galaxy A02s, as your phone is recognized as a 32-bit one.

Unfortunately, there is no way to install a 64-bit version of Android in order to install Infinite Flight, as that would mean losing your Google Play Protect certification - another requirement for Infinite Flight.

Your only option would be to use another device to install Infinite Flight. Obviously, not an ideal solution, but that would be your only option, as the Android version on your device is a 32-bit one.


First of all Welcome to the community,

If you are not able to see infinite flight on Google Play Store try restarting your device or reinstall Google play Store. If doesnt work your device maybe not compatible for the game as some requirements are lacking.

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Whoever thought this was a good idea really needs to make better life decisions.


This is not something that can be fixed. Reinstalling or restarting your device will do nothing to change the fact that Infinite Flight cannot be installed on OP’s device.

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Excuse me, how rude + it can be fixed I have tried my self the problem happened to me also!!

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It was not rude. It was a correct statement since an incompatibility issue can’t be resolved due to that.


Show proof that it cannot be fixed!!!

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That is not rude and maybe you had a different problem but the problem here is the persons device, restarting wont change your version of android or your phone’s components! The only way of fixing it is nothing except changing your phones components, please check the whole thread before assuming.

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OP can’t download Infinite Flight on their device. I don’t know what more proof is needed.

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But he needs to show proof before even saying to people that’s it’s not possible

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No. He doesn’t. Facts are facts.


Closing since correct answer has been given and everything after that was just noise.